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Leech Lake protest, April 9, 2005 - "Unknown Protester"
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Press Release
April 10, 2005

Contact: Frank Bibeau

Last week, Leech Lake Petition organizers held petition sign-up protests at three reservation locations; the Leech Lake Reservation Business Committee (LLRBC) governmental headquarters in Cass Lake (4/5), Northern Lights Casino in Walker (4/8), and White Oak Casino in Deer River, Minnesota (4/9). All five Petitions presently contain about two-thirds of the needed signatures and are still expected to be completed by the end of April.

The main Petition is for a referendum vote so that the people of the Leech Lake Reservation may express their voices on whether to participate in the State-Reservation Casino. Of the five petitions, the Petition for the removal of District Representative Wilson has received the most support and signatures.

Tribal elder and past LLRBC Chairman Hartley White commented at the Saturday event that “these guys [LLRBC] need to work within the law, not above it. I plan to be at every protest.” Later that afternoon, District Representative Wilson appeared at the White Oak Casino attempting to have Itasca County Deputies remove or arrest the protesters, but was unsuccessful.

One of the humorous highlights at the Friday protest at Northern Lights was the “Unknown Protestor” who protested with a paper grocery bag over his head saying “I don’t want to be singled out for retaliation by the LLRBC. I know the Tribal Police are video taping every event from their squad cars.” The Unknown Protester was present at the White Oak Casino protest Saturday too.

More protests are planned for this week at various locations around Leech Lake reservation. For information on how you find a petition to sign or to find out about the next protest location, please contact Coordinator Deb Geving at (218) 547-2962. The public is invited to access information by email at: or write to the Anishinabe Rights Center at Post Office Box 1663 in Bemidji, Minnesota 56619-1663.

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Contact: Deb Geving at (218) 547-2962

Photos provided by Frank Bibeau. Please feel free to use the photos or if higher resolution is required please contact Frank Bibeau via e-mail or the telephone number above.

For other information relating to the Petitions, protests or other civil rights struggles on Leech Lake Reservation visit our web page.